NC Duck Hunting


Classic Dare To Hyde Impoundment – Swan and Pintail

Thank you for your interest in Dare To Hyde’s NC Duck Hunts!

We will begin booking for the 2017-2018 season on April 1, and would be happy to reserve your duck hunting trip for next season!

We offer several styles of duck hunting trips throughout Eastern NC. Our office & lodge is located less than 2 miles from the legendary Lake Mattamuskeet, and all of our duck hunts take place in the surrounding area. We go to great lengths to insure we provide only the highest quality hunting experience available. When you hunt with Dare To Hyde, you will be hunting only the finest private land in Eastern NC.

What We Offer:

  • Full Day Guided Duck Hunts in flooded impoundments surrounding Lake Mattamuskeet
  • Early Season Teal Hunts
  • Ocracoke Open Water Hunts
  • Pamlico Sound Sea Duck Hunts

Key NC Duck Hunting Statistics:

Dylan Pintails

Impoundment pit blind hunt

  • Number of Duck Blinds: 68
  • Acres of private flooded fields under management: 3000+
  • Number of duck impoundments surrounding Lake Mattamuskeet: 15
  • 3 year repeat customer rolling percentage: 92% (Thank you!)

Hyde County Impoundment Hunt Information:

Where We Hunt: We have approximately 15 private impoundments located around Lake Mattamuskeet, NC.

About the Impoundments: Most of our impoundments are flooded corn with millet over seeded via a plane. We also have several natural WRP wetlands areas that we hunt on a limited basis and provide a great “change-up” hunt (Mallards, Black Ducks, Gadwall, Teal, and Wood Ducks).

Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset

Blinds: All hunting is done from fixed blinds located throughout our impoundments. Many of these blinds are pit blinds-in order to better draw the wary Pintails. The blinds are all solid (block wind), well brushed, and dry. They are large enough to comfortably accommodate up to 4 duck hunters.

Duck Hunt Duration: Our impoundment duck hunts are full day hunts, although we encourage parties to achieve their limit as soon as possible in order to let the birds rest. We rotate our hunts so that we have a different set of impoundments to hunt each morning and afternoon. That means that you don’t hunt the same impoundment twice in one day (less pressure=more birds!). Unless there is a front moving birds or other conditions apply, we leave the blind mid-day for lunch and return early afternoon.

Duck Guides: Each party will have a guide with them during their hunt. The guide will provide assistance reaching the blind, decoys, calling, knowledge of the area, and help retrieving downed birds. We take great pride in our guide staff, and have only the best hunters and people in the industry. You can visit our Meet the Staff page for additional guide information.

Rob Pintails

Not a bad combination, pintails and redheads!

Legal: Strict attention is given to all federal and state regulations. All hunters must abide by the regulations set forth. The ducks you shoot during the morning hunt count towards your afternoon bag limit. It is a daily limit-plain and simple!

Lodging during your Duck Hunt:
If you choose to stay with Dare To Hyde, you will be lodged in our recently renovated 20 room lodge located on the historic Outfall Canal. The rooms provide a comfortable, clean escape from the cold winter hunts. All groups will receive private rooms and bathrooms (no mixing parties in rooms). Room amenities include linens, daily maid service, TV, and mini-refridge. There is also a large community lounge available for guests, along with our Dare To Hyde Pro Shop.

Dogs: Most of our blinds are set up with some type of dog hide or platform. Customers are allowed to bring their own dogs as long as they are trained to act and behave in a reasonable manner. We reserve the right to request that any dog be taken out of the impoundment if it is consistently impacting the hunting of other blinds/guests.

Shot Range: Under no circumstances is “skybusting” allowed…and on most days, long shots are discouraged. Long shooting educates birds and impacts the hunting of other groups in the area. If another blind is working a group of Pintails and they swing by your blind at 50 yards, you will not shoot. Instead, we will let them continue to the other blind. When all blinds are operating in this manner, it drastically improves the success of all the blinds in an impoundment.

Food: For guests that stay with Dare To Hyde, we provide breakfast prior to your hunt in the morning, and then gather in the evenings at our lodge for tasty appetizers of oysters, and or steamed shrimp, followed by a good ole’ southern dinner.

2017/18 Duck Season Rates:

Regular Season: December 16-January 27 Rates

  • $425 per person full day duck hunt only
  • $475 per person full day duck hunt w/lodging & meals

Early Season Special Rates: November 11-December 2

  • $300 per person full day duck hunt only
  • $350 per person full day duck hunt w/lodging

Pintail and Shoveler resting

Primary Duck Species Harvested:

  • Pintail
  • Wigeon
  • Teal
  • Gadwall
  • Shoveler
  • Wood Duck
  • Mallard
  • Black Duck
  • Ringneck
Mixed bag pit blind

Mixed bag pit blind

Our Partners: We are proud to partner with some of the finest organizations in the industry:

  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Delta Waterfowl
  • Avery Outdoors
  • Greenhead Gear Decoys
  • ABC Calls
  • Swamp Stud Nation Game Calls
  • Drake
  • VPC Lanyards

Afternoon Swamp Buggy Hunt

Great January Duck Hunt

Great January Duck Hunt

Teal Time!

Teal Time!

Mixed Bag Impoundment Duck Hunt

Mixed Bag Impoundment Duck Hunt

New Load of Duck Blinds!

New Load of Duck Blinds!